Viva! Victoria Latin Fest 2024

Vendor Application

* Vendors and exhibitors are responsible for securing their own business permit and  fulfilling necessary government requirements to participate in the event. 

* ViVa! Victoria Latin Fest is not liable for any customer claims, complaints, or similar  issues. Vendors and exhibitors are advised to secure insurance. 

* ViVa! Victoria Latin Fest has a limited number of tents. Vendors and exhibitors may be asked to bring their own tent, if necessary. 

* ViVa! Victoria Latin Fest holds the sole right to screen and qualify participating vendors. Confirmation will be received on or before May 31st. This process is not based on a first come, first-served basis. 

* Qualified vendors and exhibitors must complete their payment on or before June 10th 2024. 

* Qualified vendors and exhibitors are expected and encouraged to assist in promoting the event through posters, email campaigns, websites, and/or social media accounts, as applicable. 

* Vendors and exhibitors shall adorn their stalls with Latin-inspired decorations. 

* Food vendors are required to provide details about the food they are selling. Additionally,  they must properly label each food item to indicate allergens, gluten-free options, vegetarian choices, among others. It is advisable to include a QR code leading to food  information. 

* Vendors and exhibitors are responsible for the proper disposal of their respective garbage and wastewater. 

* Vendors and exhibitors must provide weights to secure their tents on the ground.

* Vendors who will be cooking at the venue must supply their own fire extinguisher. 

* Vendors who will be cooking at the venue must use their own tent or cook outside the tent. 

* Vendors and exhibitors must ensure that their rented tents, tables, and chairs are inspected daily to secure their deposit after the event.

* Access to electricity is limited, and not all vendors may be provided with electricity. Please select “Access to electricity” below for provision. We will do our best to provide, but not guaranteed. 

* Cancellation requests can only be accepted until June 20th 2024, and refunds will be issued with a 20% administrative fee deducted. Cancellations beyond June 20th are non refundable. 

* Vendors and exhibitors shall provide ViVa! Victoria Latin Fest with a wiggle room for necessary adjustments as the need arises.

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